Weps…I’m sOmeone special..sOmeone unique…coz everyOne is an angel!

bOrn on z 18 May…( yuyu mo ena 20 ans tu )…am a ” real ” taurus coz
i abide to all z qualities dat a taurus possess:
Anesh is:
easily angered
loves attraction,deep feelings
easily consoled
Loves to dream
Loves travelling-dislike being at home
Restless,impatient,jealous and impatient!
i’m related to only zOse whO r related to me
n i’m cOncern only tO dat extent whIch concerns me…
i enjOy sOcialising and meeting n knOwing new people and like 2make new frens and get close 2zem ek …
i’m a ” kip-in-tOuch ” type perSon!
i’m very chOOsy….abt frequentations….
i chOOse people 2talk n cHoose ma frenzzzz
dn’t expect me 2talk/meet sOmeone i dnt like
am hpyer CHOoSY
mais je connais buku dimOune hein….

well…my cRaziest dreams are:
to b sOmeone famOus..2b knOwn all round n round!
to b a super heRo…n model!
to form part of Bollywood!
to perform on awards’ ceremonies N
to win lots n lots of awards

am Someone who truly value relationships/friendship/love
am can trust bindly ek love more zan my owns…
n dats i think is my BIGGEST weakness!

sinAh i think dat Everyone is related 2each ozer through means n wants!
Life is like a game where either u win or u lose but I just learn 2win…n at any cost!
Nothing remain 2bother?

favourite colours r Blue n Black!


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