* * * D.O.S.T.A.N.A * * *

AD FILM presents ….


the matters of hearts !

The story opens with Ashvi and Jevin. They know each other since long and when Jevin proposed Ashvi, the latter couldn’t say No.So..it’s 8years of friendship and about 3 years of courtship when Ashvi realised that things are not working between them because their ways are parting and they share different dreams.This relationship is really over.Jevin enjoys night life,gambling,hanging out with friends and a care-free life whereas Ashvi needs someone who is here for her..someone who loves her ..someone who cares for her and spends time with her.

But Jevin is never here to discuss this matter. And Ashvi decides that this relationship cannot move ahead. Meantime Ashvi befrends Tanveer. And it happens that Jevin and Tanveer are colleagues and very good friends.With time, Ashvi and Tanveer becomes very close to each other and they come to know that there is so much in common between them.They both like blue : They are crazy about Bollywood and Hindi Movies : They are passionate about photography and They care lot for others’ happiness.

This new friendship grows deeper and deeper,they share each other’s problems,sorrows,happiness,laughs and joys. They are so much in touch.

Then One day..Ashvi introduces  Sharvi to Tanveer. Actually even Sharvi are Ashvi are very much good friends and close to each other.And it happens that Jevin and Sharvi also are friends.

With time, Sharvi,Ashvi and Tanveer share a deep friendship and Ashvi becomes the BESTEST friend of both guys, Tanveer and Sharvi.Time flows..and the relationships blosooms..days are bright and months are brighter.Life seems so beautiful for the three friends when….

Tanveer and Sharvi realise that they miss Ashvi so so so much and they simply cannot live without Ashvi.They miss her all day,despite being with her,they still miss her so much,they talk to her,they are so in touch with her,even i dreams both Tanveer and Sharvi dream of Ashvi.

They are in love.Both Tanveer and Sharvi are in love with the same girl,their best friend..Ashvi!And both of them have the deep feeling that they know that they love the same girl.And even Ashvi realises that the two most important men in her life love her so much.

Total confusion. Total Mess..

Tanveer fears to express his love to Ashvi since he is a very good friend of Jevin and since Jevin and Ashvi has been together for so much time.

Ashvi doesnot know how to react since she has not yet settled the matter with Jevin and she really does not know the decision about Jevin.And then whom to choose : Tanveer or Sharvi ? ? ? Since she loves both of them so much and both of them are the two most important men in her life.

Sharvi loves Ashvi and that’s it but he is confused and does not know how to propose Ashvi since all the relationships are messed up.


PS: So friends..you all viewers ..i don’t how how to end this story! what would suggest me to do? what do you think?will Jevin breaks up with Ashvi ? Should Jevin and Ashvi gives a chance to their relationship? Can Tanveer propose Ashvi despite knowing that she was his good friend’s girlfriend? Should Ashvi choose Sharvi ? Or should Sharvi and Tanveer find somebody else?

So please Help me! i need ur help! I’ll be waiitng 4u all..4ur suggestions so as to complete the story!And wep dont 4get to rate the story and i need comments n critics !

13 Responses to “* * * D.O.S.T.A.N.A * * *”

  1. neha

    hmm i think if ashvi is going out with jevin,she will not be able to go out with either tanveer n sharvi until she sorts out everything with jevin..if she loves jevin she will give a chance to that relationship..but if she’s very close to both sharvi and tanveer n feels something for both of them and at the same time is going out with jevin, she has to take a break from all the 3 guys…take time to think abt all this..n see whom she really needs in her life..wen we’re confused we just done barge in any realtionship n see if it works n then if it doesnt we choose the other one..she has to make everything clear in her mind first n then take a decision..as for the guys..they can talk to the girl n tell her how thay feel abt her..but not force her to choose. concerning she being with jevin for abt 11yrs now is something important..now she has to see if something can be done abt the relationship..she shud be giving that relationship an another chance..coz belive me..even for sharvi n tanveer..wen u go out with some1 for more than 3yrs..routine crops in and then problems crop up n all..so either she takes a break or she gives a new turn a new chance to her long dated relationship and start afresh..that depends only on her..thats y i believe..wen ur going out with some1 its better not to be too much frends with other guys..as in they someday turn into something else..:) all the best

  2. anesh1805

    Hmmm..Neha! R u Neha Mudun na?
    Thx 4z comments..zey will surely b taken into consideration…n zere’s so much truth in wat u said…u said wats reality!
    hmm dear u didnt rate z story ? N did u like it?
    Hmm….weps…im waiitng 4more comments: zen i’ll write z end!
    thx kan hem

  3. Daks

    hey is this ur story?
    i mean in real life?

  4. anesh1805

    Hmmm…daks..i cant ans ur question pour le moment!

  5. neha

    no its deepti, my name’s neha too..:)

    • anesh1805

      hein c toa Deep…sexi gurl!
      weps…to oci to ena 1ti role dan le film!

  6. yupri

    i lost myslf in the story while readin had to read it twice :S

  7. Joyshan

    uuuhhhh….nice but think its a real story

  8. anesh

    so yupri…even after u read z story twice>?
    wats ur views abt it?
    anything 2comment?

  9. anesh1805

    thx Joysan
    mais ki pousse toa dire k c 1real story?

  10. morinn

    This is really complicated. I hope it has been sorted out.

  11. Dhaneesha

    wow wat a story,bien difficile pou coner wat will hap..lol..

    I think that Ashvi must break up wiz her bf and stay only friends wiz z 2 ozers.

    I know li un peu direct mai zats z best I can say

  12. anesh1805

    Weps tHx gUys!
    n Dhaneesha!
    I think u said sOmething rite
    i agree 2

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