Coming Soon..Don’t Miss It

Posted On December 22, 2008

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Can Friendship turns into love ?

Is friendship the foundation of a secret love?

Does hold Love values Friendship ?

AD Films


Dostana ….

z matters of hearts !

It’s the sTory of Best Friends and friends and friends…wen Love hapened ans It’s complete demagozi..and it’s then where their friendships and relationships mess up and….

It’s Coming soon…Don’t Miss It!


4 Responses to “Coming Soon..Don’t Miss It”

  1. Daks

    My frndship turned into love 🙂
    so i think it;s true because then you know the person well 🙂

  2. riteshlifzzzz

    well, i want to say somfin..

    Friendship is like grapes, by giving time to it, it becomes WINE, which is love..

    so, it takes time from friendship to become love.. and when it becomes, the pleasure out of it is worth a lot..

    as we know, the more time the grape is kept, the more delicious is the wine.. so, keep this friendship longer even in love…

    hope u liked it..

    tek ker

  3. anesh1805

    Ok Daks…thx 4comments!
    N hope u wud like z will b out SOON
    thx 4sharing ur experience
    mais u kno wot?
    zis dostana gonna b a bit mixed coz lots n lots of confusion

  4. anesh1805

    Eh rITESh…
    dats super kOol..
    weh to ena raison mais zis dostana la going 2b sumthing diferent..
    ek i wnt ecrire lafin koz….mo hem pa koner
    ek zot …( viewers ) ki pu decide la fin Ok!

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