~ In search of hAppinEss ~

Posted On November 9, 2008

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A simple question :  Wat u happiness 4u?

There were 4 friends and each of them had their Own perception of happiness.

One said Happiness is money.

One said Happiness is fame.

One said Happiness is power.

One said Happiness is success.

Yet..upon gaining their goal..they found out k yet they were not happy!Thus…zey kept on thinking b wats happiness if it is not fame,power neither money nor success!

Therefore it is concluded dat Happiness…


Just try best not to be unhappy…u wud b z most HAPPY N LCUKY person on earth!

P S: MY OWN PHILOSOPHY is dat True happiness lies in making ozers happy :)..dats one of z aim de ma vie….


One Response to “~ In search of hAppinEss ~”

  1. Dhaneesha

    hmmm really nice article…

    I agree on one point manily: that True Happiness Lies in Making Others Happy ….Very well said dear

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