fAlling in lOve Again * * *

Posted On September 29, 2008

Filed under dil ki baat..z matters of hearts!

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hOw wOuld u define Love ?is zere a specific definition abt Love?..je crois po..Love is so immense..so vAst..sO unlimited..so….soo…n soo…Love is a true feelings which arise at anytym n anywhere!…n Love cnt happen only Once in life..Love happens so manny tyms!Love,love n just Love!

Today wen i wAs wiz her..i reAlized dAt still…my feelings fOr ” her ” are still!still afresh n still i feel sumthing for ” her “.all wAy lOng..i kept on talking to ” her ” n listening to ” her ”  was a Great Pleasure.wen she smiles..mo gne rirer..wen she asks me sumthing..i say NO mais a la fin..i give ” her”.but wen i propOsed her tym agO she refused n i decided not 2b devdas n 2move ahead..saying..sa va!mais zordi how Come zOse feelings arise?

Another me :Mais zese Days am suPPosed 2b impressed by ” Raj Sharma ” n wanted 2b as him!wAna b a killer..ek wana flirt n love….i think marriage is a obstacle to love…marriage gonna b the last thing in life…anesh wana love love n love!


5 Responses to “fAlling in lOve Again * * *”

  1. krrisshhnnaa

    good article… every1 reading this article will undoubtedly praise love, or disagree with love… bt i personally fink that the vry meaning of the word “love” is FUTILE n NON-SENSICAL, without any solid foundation, devoid of our participation in it!!! we only say that yeah love is great n all n all… bt wot abt US????? wot if we would nt hv loved?? the wud the word “love” existed??
    so, anesh, while writing this article, uv only focussed on the importance of love!!
    Mayb u wanted me to say the other side of the coin… lol… so, i would say if love is great, then U R GREATER, koz love may b existing, bt to opt for it n MAINTAIN it is reall godliness (If He does exist)!!!
    So, wen i read this article, i just gav a damn about wot love is…. the only fing that i gav importance to is hw capable n CLEAN-HEARTED u r to hv fallen in love!!! only clean-hearted ppl fall in lv!!! full of innocence!!!
    well, thats all for nw… keep rocking!!! i’l back u!!!


  2. anesh1805

    am damn confused!
    enfin..to pa gne compren!
    either u r praising me or to p boufon mw?
    lekel e vrai?
    n..weps i agree..if nu pati pu fall in love..
    love wud hv been meaningless!
    mais..2b true..im u r fan!
    coz ur writing contains so much reality n true facts..(both same meaning so ?)
    thx bro!
    cya soon

  3. krrisshhnnaa

    confused??? pa p gagne compren??? lol…. sa ene prob bien grave dan mo lavie sa… la plupart zafer cki mo dir, dimunes pa compren!!! 😉

    dnt b my fan dude… t pu ale regreT sa… lol

  4. anesh1805

    weps cOZ mo pane kav dechiffrer k u were praising or makin gup!c tu!
    why not being ur fan?
    why u said k mo pu regreT….aler explik boss

  5. s4ndeep

    love… hmm… i still dont think it can happenn twice.. lol…

    btw.. raj sharma C ki?

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