who u love mOSt?

Posted On September 13, 2008

Filed under dil ki baat..z matters of hearts!

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Love…dearness..affection…are reAlly true feelings dat can happen na,cOming dirEctly frOm Our hEart..

Have u eva ask urself a questiOn? whO is z One who love moSt? so ask urself dat question today..infact ask it now.who u love mOst on earth?it happnes 2b a stupid question mais c one serious n indeed difficult one!..i guess dAt some of u p still penser..or reflechir..” c ki j’aime le plus o monde ? ? ? ? ? ? ”  so dear all…continue to think!

ME…je sais c ki z’aime le plus!..c mo ange!..my angel..my heRo…AARYAN!..c mo 11-months old nephew ( neArly 2b one year old la ) !..c mo coco..ma vie sa!..

Aaryu…cAme into my life…wen i starting facing lots of coNfusiOns n TensIons..lots of demagozi!..wen i used 2b depressed..o l’air hem!..b wen i c his face…all probs n sorrows vanished n i was in anozer world..he was z balm of zose wounds n my relief!..n as he grOws up..my FoNDness 4him grew denser n deeper..n he became z essence of ma vie…wen i take him in my arms…it’s a unique feeling n satisfaction!n wen he makes his funny gestures or blabbers something…ooohhh…dats so great..mo ti bb!not a SEC dat i dnt miss him!des fois sa…mo miss otan k c as if combien days mo pane meet him..mais upon realising c just ” one day ” dat i havent taken him in my arms!…lol!each tym..i am just remembering his cute n unique smile!

thaks u aaryu 4being here 4me..sinah je sais po..ki ti pua arrive me!thanks 4being my strength n curaz..je t’aime trop!bizu..hugs…n cheerz 2u my hEro!..my angel!

so guys….hv u realised whom u love most?….lol…


2 Responses to “who u love mOSt?”

  1. krrisshhnnaa

    I would simply say one thing…

    True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be…

  2. anesh1805

    i agree!
    true love just comes from z bottom of ur heart..simply inside urself!

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