Heart CRaShes:(

why do we des fois think dat we r all alOne? why we think dat we’ll be left all behind?why do we think dat we need someone close to us?why we run after people 4friendship?why we are left wiz unwanted relationships n one-sided relationships?why we think dat we r left uncared n unloved?

Today i saw her reaction after z prOposAl…z answer was crsytal clear..a NO!why?why just wiz mw?…once agAin..my “her” cudnt be mine…2d tym…b one thing i dnt understand..wen i kno k am ill-fated in relationships..b why am i after people 2bond relations?wen i know am unlucky in friendships n love…why i expect people 2befrend me or i expect 2get z gurl which i like..

N weps…one thing is clear up 2now…Friendship cannot b converted into love!…zese r two different matters..frends cannot b life partners..n z say ” friendship often ends in love ” is really fake!

life is tOugh..life is rude…life is harsH…harsh…ahhh…it pains na???? 😦    😥    :$

i used to say..

Alwaz b hapi n alwaz make Ozers happy coz REAL HAPPINEES LIES IN MAKING OZERS HAPPY…

eski mo pu kav continue sa or not?

one more dreams is no more…hapiiness = dreams n pains n heartbreaks = nightmares


One Response to “Heart CRaShes:(”

  1. Chaya

    Hi Anesh,
    just want to tell you that however much u’ve been “rejected” in life, this holds one lesson in life each.
    And maybe, it’s time for you live your life as u want on ur own, stop chasing girls, and let them chase you!
    Life is meant to enjoy and have fun, so enjoy each and every second of your life and thank God for every Dawn and Dusk u’ve been able to witness.
    Life is God gifted and one should’t be sad about God’s gift, rite?
    Dn’t be sad about one girl saying “NO”.
    It isn’t the right time for u.
    Just enjoy and live life ur own way.

    P.S: Sorry if i’ve hurt u in the above comment.

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