hOw am i ? Who i can b?

Posted On August 24, 2008

Filed under Wildest wishes

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Eski ine deza ariV k zOt ine gagne ban cOmpliments which make zot really happi..:)   as if zot sur les nuages!!!

ESki z0t dezA gagne cOmpliments dat reAlly nice to hear n dat u wana hear plus souvent n repeatedly???

Well…me2…i got!

at cOllez…my form Mistress used 2tell me dat mO resembler Abhishek Bachchan!…c vrai?

en principle c mo fAvourite acTRor…so…am like blessed 2b as him mais est-ce-que c vrai sa compliment la?

….ek mo cuz so mawsee says mo resembler Priyashu Chatterjee!

n mo maMou souvent dire que mo nene ( nose )  resembler Russhad Rana’s nose ( sa garcon ki joue dan Kheta hai dil la -NIKHIL…)

but i wana 2b ozerwise…2b vraiment cOmplexer mw..

ek wanT 2b sumone else…like sumone else if kumsa ki dire sa…

so…mOne rode sum dimoune la…sum faces!

n YOU hv 2tell me how am i?n whom i resembler….?????????????????

lol…( c fOu mais sa ine passe dan ma tete…so…i expressed it…!

kash i cud b like one in zem…lol.!

how am i?  Who am i? n whO i cud b?


5 Responses to “hOw am i ? Who i can b?”

  1. Daks

    uuuhhhhmmm….anesh, u r YOURSELF 🙂
    that is, unique!!!!!!!!!!

  2. anesh1805

    mais kan hem u cud hv tell me who i can b dr?
    c fun
    try it plz

  3. Chaya

    Well, for some fun u could be Abhishek’s face with Priyanshu’s nose! lolz
    But u r who u r !

  4. anesh1805

    thanks Chaya!
    so nice of u..2put comments mais…really…mo esembler abhi?
    (mo p glonfer la )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. krish

    wai anesh ena a prob la tou dimun say me ressemble NIKHIL…so man ena a competition between u and me man….we have to prove it dude

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