Rakha Bandhan

Rakhee…z cord of love n toghterness!la fete des freres e soeurs!

i just LOve dat festival coz its a chaNce to meet up n tell ur deAr ones how much u care 4zem!

at abt 10h30…Zu ( anju ), Niss (Nishta) and Tinzzz (tina ) came…unfortunately was not well!Fever + lagorge fer mal..mais nune fer rakhi..as usual nu…bien rirer!ek gues wat?

fini manz gatO ek exchenge cadO tu wen we realised dat Tina ine blier atach rakhee ar mo Akhi ( Akhilesh-my little bro)….( lol ….mega laughs)!!!!!!!!!!

zen…by midi…my chuu sister Aks ( akshita) nune fer rakhee…we hugged n exchanged sum swit words!!!

ek aprer went kOt nani where….i hugged my heRo…ek fer little gaT wiz him…Aaryu!

zen Pujzzz ( Pooja ) n Shanu ( darshana) n Tas (Tasha ) ine atach rakhee….!

sumwhere arOund…ek remain zere up2 nite…

z yearly rakhee party!but…sumwhere zere was a lacking…a gloomness…

Nani malade…so moody imper!…(after 2 days…nani passed away)

z great shOck which really sHock us…we neva imagine dat she wud leave us kumsa…

its unexplikable 😦 😦


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