HeartbeAts and HeartbreAks

When one of my dreams broke:
Today wen saw her meeting him…so…why i felt so bad!dats means i really loved her!!!!!!!!!!
why my heart cried 4help…
my ” her ” perhaps loves ” him “
and today it’s confirmed dat am not her ” him “
once again…
once again my crush wud remAin a crush…coz she loves him n i love her!
so..todAy was time 2say alvida to her…coz no chance 4ya anesh!
zordi my heArt cried n felt as if my heart was broken..
yeT i realised dat not my hEart but one of my dreams dat have been broken!


2 Responses to “HeartbeAts and HeartbreAks”

  1. Daks

    hey whoz z one u love? 🙂
    well…if she doesnt love u…then no worries 🙂
    coz u’ll get sme1 better who’ll care for u lots……

  2. anesh1805

    the one i loved dr!
    she’s just a simple fren now n nothing more!
    so..just dnt care
    ek i knew am unlucky in zose things…yet
    enfin..i dnt expect anything nice..
    ek…just fuked up!

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