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the matters of hearts !

The story opens with Ashvi and Jevin. They know each other since long and when Jevin proposed Ashvi, the latter couldn’t say No.So..it’s 8years of friendship and about 3 years of courtship when Ashvi realised that things are not working between them because their ways are parting and they share different dreams.This relationship is really over.Jevin enjoys night life,gambling,hanging out with friends and a care-free life whereas Ashvi needs someone who is here for her..someone who loves her ..someone who cares for her and spends time with her.

But Jevin is never here to discuss this matter. And Ashvi decides that this relationship cannot move ahead. Meantime Ashvi befrends Tanveer. And it happens that Jevin and Tanveer are colleagues and very good friends.With time, Ashvi and Tanveer becomes very close to each other and they come to know that there is so much in common between them.They both like blue : They are crazy about Bollywood and Hindi Movies : They are passionate about photography and They care lot for others’ happiness.

This new friendship grows deeper and deeper,they share each other’s problems,sorrows,happiness,laughs and joys. They are so much in touch.

Then One day..Ashvi introduces  Sharvi to Tanveer. Actually even Sharvi are Ashvi are very much good friends and close to each other.And it happens that Jevin and Sharvi also are friends.

With time, Sharvi,Ashvi and Tanveer share a deep friendship and Ashvi becomes the BESTEST friend of both guys, Tanveer and Sharvi.Time flows..and the relationships blosooms..days are bright and months are brighter.Life seems so beautiful for the three friends when….

Tanveer and Sharvi realise that they miss Ashvi so so so much and they simply cannot live without Ashvi.They miss her all day,despite being with her,they still miss her so much,they talk to her,they are so in touch with her,even i dreams both Tanveer and Sharvi dream of Ashvi.

They are in love.Both Tanveer and Sharvi are in love with the same girl,their best friend..Ashvi!And both of them have the deep feeling that they know that they love the same girl.And even Ashvi realises that the two most important men in her life love her so much.

Total confusion. Total Mess..

Tanveer fears to express his love to Ashvi since he is a very good friend of Jevin and since Jevin and Ashvi has been together for so much time.

Ashvi doesnot know how to react since she has not yet settled the matter with Jevin and she really does not know the decision about Jevin.And then whom to choose : Tanveer or Sharvi ? ? ? Since she loves both of them so much and both of them are the two most important men in her life.

Sharvi loves Ashvi and that’s it but he is confused and does not know how to propose Ashvi since all the relationships are messed up.


PS: So friends..you all viewers ..i don’t how how to end this story! what would suggest me to do? what do you think?will Jevin breaks up with Ashvi ? Should Jevin and Ashvi gives a chance to their relationship? Can Tanveer propose Ashvi despite knowing that she was his good friend’s girlfriend? Should Ashvi choose Sharvi ? Or should Sharvi and Tanveer find somebody else?

So please Help me! i need ur help! I’ll be waiitng 4u all..4ur suggestions so as to complete the story!And wep dont 4get to rate the story and i need comments n critics !

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Posted On December 22, 2008

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Can Friendship turns into love ?

Is friendship the foundation of a secret love?

Does hold Love values Friendship ?

AD Films


Dostana ….

z matters of hearts !

It’s the sTory of Best Friends and friends and friends…wen Love hapened ans It’s complete demagozi..and it’s then where their friendships and relationships mess up and….

It’s Coming soon…Don’t Miss It!

~ In search of hAppinEss ~

Posted On November 9, 2008

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A simple question :  Wat u happiness 4u?

There were 4 friends and each of them had their Own perception of happiness.

One said Happiness is money.

One said Happiness is fame.

One said Happiness is power.

One said Happiness is success.

Yet..upon gaining their goal..they found out k yet they were not happy!Thus…zey kept on thinking b wats happiness if it is not fame,power neither money nor success!

Therefore it is concluded dat Happiness…


Just try best not to be unhappy…u wud b z most HAPPY N LCUKY person on earth!

P S: MY OWN PHILOSOPHY is dat True happiness lies in making ozers happy :)..dats one of z aim de ma vie….

fAlling in lOve Again * * *

Posted On September 29, 2008

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hOw wOuld u define Love ?is zere a specific definition abt Love?..je crois po..Love is so immense..so vAst..sO unlimited..so….soo…n soo…Love is a true feelings which arise at anytym n anywhere!…n Love cnt happen only Once in life..Love happens so manny tyms!Love,love n just Love!

Today wen i wAs wiz her..i reAlized dAt still…my feelings fOr ” her ” are still!still afresh n still i feel sumthing for ” her “.all wAy lOng..i kept on talking to ” her ” n listening to ” her ”  was a Great Pleasure.wen she smiles..mo gne rirer..wen she asks me sumthing..i say NO mais a la fin..i give ” her”.but wen i propOsed her tym agO she refused n i decided not 2b devdas n 2move ahead..saying..sa va!mais zordi how Come zOse feelings arise?

Another me :Mais zese Days am suPPosed 2b impressed by ” Raj Sharma ” n wanted 2b as him!wAna b a killer..ek wana flirt n love….i think marriage is a obstacle to love…marriage gonna b the last thing in life…anesh wana love love n love!


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Life is sAid to be a bOOn given by HIM: Supreme Power..God!..HE decides everyThing and accounts for the debit & credit of soRrows and Hapiness,Peace and tensIon,terrOr and Bravery,tears and Laughs in eAch n everyone’s .( b vous otres GOD is a ACCA qualified li pour ki li kav account n balance n adjust tu sa!…)

Buts..i summarize my accOunt as :

Got life but no right to live it.

Got hapiness mais drowned in my Own tears

Got relationships but there’s always something lacking in them which each time prove them weak n unfaithful

And despite being in a crowd i find myself all alone!

SO…God…zere’s a karzzz la!ou doit me lots la…cOz c po possible aisi zindagi!yeh karzz raha appe!…account due n need to be settled as soon as posible…plz Godji..put dan in ur memo under URGENT ACTIVITIES!

Reason i wOnder..God kya tussi truly great ho ? ? ?

who u love mOSt?

Posted On September 13, 2008

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Love…dearness..affection…are reAlly true feelings dat can happen na,cOming dirEctly frOm Our hEart..

Have u eva ask urself a questiOn? whO is z One who love moSt? so ask urself dat question today..infact ask it now.who u love mOst on earth?it happnes 2b a stupid question mais c one serious n indeed difficult one!..i guess dAt some of u p still penser..or reflechir..” c ki j’aime le plus o monde ? ? ? ? ? ? ”  so dear all…continue to think!

ME…je sais c ki z’aime le plus!..c mo ange!..my angel..my heRo…AARYAN!..c mo 11-months old nephew ( neArly 2b one year old la ) !..c mo coco..ma vie sa!..

Aaryu…cAme into my life…wen i starting facing lots of coNfusiOns n TensIons..lots of demagozi!..wen i used 2b depressed..o l’air hem!..b wen i c his face…all probs n sorrows vanished n i was in anozer world..he was z balm of zose wounds n my relief!..n as he grOws up..my FoNDness 4him grew denser n deeper..n he became z essence of ma vie…wen i take him in my arms…it’s a unique feeling n satisfaction!n wen he makes his funny gestures or blabbers something…ooohhh…dats so great..mo ti bb!not a SEC dat i dnt miss him!des fois sa…mo miss otan k c as if combien days mo pane meet him..mais upon realising c just ” one day ” dat i havent taken him in my arms!…lol!each tym..i am just remembering his cute n unique smile!

thaks u aaryu 4being here 4me..sinah je sais po..ki ti pua arrive me!thanks 4being my strength n curaz..je t’aime trop!bizu..hugs…n cheerz 2u my hEro!..my angel!

so guys….hv u realised whom u love most?….lol…

Heart CRaShes:(

why do we des fois think dat we r all alOne? why we think dat we’ll be left all behind?why do we think dat we need someone close to us?why we run after people 4friendship?why we are left wiz unwanted relationships n one-sided relationships?why we think dat we r left uncared n unloved?

Today i saw her reaction after z prOposAl…z answer was crsytal clear..a NO!why?why just wiz mw?…once agAin..my “her” cudnt be mine…2d tym…b one thing i dnt understand..wen i kno k am ill-fated in relationships..b why am i after people 2bond relations?wen i know am unlucky in friendships n love…why i expect people 2befrend me or i expect 2get z gurl which i like..

N weps…one thing is clear up 2now…Friendship cannot b converted into love!…zese r two different matters..frends cannot b life partners..n z say ” friendship often ends in love ” is really fake!

life is tOugh..life is rude…life is harsH…harsh…ahhh…it pains na???? 😦    😥    :$

i used to say..

Alwaz b hapi n alwaz make Ozers happy coz REAL HAPPINEES LIES IN MAKING OZERS HAPPY…

eski mo pu kav continue sa or not?

one more dreams is no more…hapiiness = dreams n pains n heartbreaks = nightmares

hOw am i ? Who i can b?

Posted On August 24, 2008

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Eski ine deza ariV k zOt ine gagne ban cOmpliments which make zot really happi..:)   as if zot sur les nuages!!!

ESki z0t dezA gagne cOmpliments dat reAlly nice to hear n dat u wana hear plus souvent n repeatedly???

Well…me2…i got!

at cOllez…my form Mistress used 2tell me dat mO resembler Abhishek Bachchan!…c vrai?

en principle c mo fAvourite acTRor…so…am like blessed 2b as him mais est-ce-que c vrai sa compliment la?

….ek mo cuz so mawsee says mo resembler Priyashu Chatterjee!

n mo maMou souvent dire que mo nene ( nose )  resembler Russhad Rana’s nose ( sa garcon ki joue dan Kheta hai dil la -NIKHIL…)

but i wana 2b ozerwise…2b true..mo vraiment cOmplexer mw..

ek wanT 2b sumone else…like sumone else if kumsa ki dire sa…

so…mOne rode sum dimoune la…sum faces!

n YOU hv 2tell me how am i?n whom i resembler….?????????????????

lol…( c fOu mais sa ine passe dan ma tete…so…i expressed it…!

kash i cud b like one in zem…lol.!

how am i?  Who am i? n whO i cud b?

Rakha Bandhan

Rakhee…z cord of love n toghterness!la fete des freres e soeurs!

i just LOve dat festival coz its a chaNce to meet up n tell ur deAr ones how much u care 4zem!

at abt 10h30…Zu ( anju ), Niss (Nishta) and Tinzzz (tina ) came…unfortunately was not well!Fever + lagorge fer mal..mais nune fer rakhi..as usual nu…bien rirer!ek gues wat?

fini manz gatO ek exchenge cadO tu wen we realised dat Tina ine blier atach rakhee ar mo Akhi ( Akhilesh-my little bro)….( lol ….mega laughs)!!!!!!!!!!

zen…by midi…my chuu sister Aks ( akshita) nune fer rakhee…we hugged n exchanged sum swit words!!!

ek aprer went kOt nani where….i hugged my heRo…ek fer little gaT wiz him…Aaryu!

zen Pujzzz ( Pooja ) n Shanu ( darshana) n Tas (Tasha ) ine atach rakhee….!

sumwhere arOund…ek remain zere up2 nite…

z yearly rakhee party!but…sumwhere zere was a lacking…a gloomness…

Nani malade…so moody imper!…(after 2 days…nani passed away)

z great shOck which really sHock us…we neva imagine dat she wud leave us kumsa…

its unexplikable 😦 😦

HeartbeAts and HeartbreAks

When one of my dreams broke:
Today wen saw her meeting him…so…why i felt so bad!dats means i really loved her!!!!!!!!!!
why my heart cried 4help…
my ” her ” perhaps loves ” him “
and today it’s confirmed dat am not her ” him “
once again…
once again my crush wud remAin a crush…coz she loves him n i love her!
so..todAy was time 2say alvida to her…coz no chance 4ya anesh!
zordi my heArt cried n felt as if my heart was broken..
yeT i realised dat not my hEart but one of my dreams dat have been broken!

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